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Agilis Associates - when results really matter.


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Why Agilis

You have the domain expertise and intimate knowledge of your products and services. We have the people, the experience and the tools to help you drive more sales and grow your business, fast and affordably.


Agilis offers you a recession-proof solution for increasing your revenue while containing costs.


You get the value and benefit of a team of highly successful, experienced senior sales and marketing professionals --- for less than the cost of carrying even one person at the equivalent skill and experience level as a full time employee.


And you get all this without the high cost and time investment in recruiting, interviewing and hiring, or worse, risking a costly mis-hire.


Our international team of veteran entrepreneurs, senior sales and marketing professionals each has at least 15 years of experience helping companies


√    secure funding

    launch products and services

    build strong pipelines

    increase revenues

    enter new markets and expand internationally

    streamline to ensure cost-effective operations

    overcome business set-backs and revenue slumps

    turn around and return to profitability

    complete successful mergers and acquisitions

    accelerate growth and thrive


We’ve been there, done that. We get it, and we hit the ground running.


We work collaboratively with you, augmenting - not duplicating - the experience and skills of your own team. 


We also understand budgets and resource constraints, and we are sensitive to yours. So we offer a wide variety of service packages and flexible payment options so you can get what you need within your budget.


We will work with you for as long as you need us. As the economy improves, if you choose to move to a fully in-house team, we’ll even help you make sure you get the right people in place to replace us.


Your success is our success. Agilis – when results really matter.