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Tribal Kowledge Fusion

One of the unique qualities that sets Agilis apart is the team synergy we call "Tribal Knowledge Fusion".


All of our Sales-as-a-Service team members are senior professionals well versed in the end-to-end sales process from prospecting to qualification through negotiation and closing, as well as cross-selling and up-selling.  They each bring their own individual styles, areas of expertise and sales techniques to the team.


Agilis Tribal Knowledge Fusion is all about sharing repeatable processes that result in success. It is a continual collaboration and amalgamation of expertise and knowledge between the team -- our "tribe" members -- that makes the whole team's effectiveness and value greater than the sum of its parts.


If someone has extensive experience selling a certain type of product or service, or knowledge of a particular market segment, they share that knowledge with the tribe. When someone hits on a winning sales strategy, an especially effective sales technique or compelling competition killer for a particular client's products or services, they immediately share that with the tribe, as well.


Our team members are highly competitive sales animals. But they don't compete with each other. On the contrary, in fact, they're highly motivated to collaborate and support each other. Because they each want to win and make as many sales as possible, And because if they sell more for you, then you win and the tribe prospers as well.