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Sales as a Service™

Our "Sales as a Service" program puts a whole team of ready-to-go senior sales pro's, with proven track records in B2B consultative selling and closing deals, to work as your outsource sales force.


Our sales teams are supported by our own internal marketing group who work collaboratively with your own team for sales emails & letters, calling scripts, value propositions, competitive info, etc.


And here’s the great news: You get the full benefit of this high powered team working for you for the equivalent cost of hiring just one full-time top level sales person.


What you get:


At least three senior sales experts with their own internal marketing support

Sales coverage across the entire US from strategic locations

Weekly pipeline, forecast and progress reports


Our Team's Experience:


Senior and Executive level sales & sales management

Proven consultative selling techniques

Comfortable selling into all organizational levels, including C-level

Successfully selling everything from point products to complex enterprise solutions

Aggressive hunters and assertive closers with top notch selling skills

Skilled negotiators

Government, Homeland Security and Department of Defense Sales

International, Partnerships, OEM and Strategic Alliances experience



It’s a risk-free way to exponentially increase your chances for sales success for about the same cost as hiring one full time senior sales person.


A bad sales hire can be extremely expensive. And it can take as much as six months to find out if you hired the right sales person. Over and above the lost investment in months of salary and training, it's virtually impossible to know what a miss-hire cost you in lost sales opportunities.


We have the resources to assemble winning teams. We’re performance driven and motivated by the thrill of the sale. Our team members collaborate freely as part of our Tribal Knowledge Fusion


This team spirit is what drives our success. We have no political agendas and we don't compete with each other.  In fact, our sales team members proactively share with each other what works and what doesn't. Because the more sales we close, the more commissions we earn, and the more you – our client – reap the profits.


Business Development Services


Most companies today recognize that going it alone with a simple direct sales model isn’t always the most effective way to accelerate growth. Building partnerships and strategic alliances, and/or creating a network of resellers and distributors, can be a far more effective path to rapid and sustained revenue growth.


Agilis team members will help you identify potential synergistic partners, establish strong, mutually beneficial relationships and implement the sales and marketing frameworks to build and sustain successful long term partnerships.