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International Expansion

It can be very risky and extremely expensive to expand internationally. It's risky because you don't know for sure if your product or service will succeed in foreign markets.


It's costly because you have to either hire or relocate resources, you have to rent office space and invest in back-office systems to support your staff.


Agilis already has all this in place and we have all the talent you need to be successful.


With internationally experienced senior sales, marketing and business development professionals strategically located throughout North America and Europe, we know the country cultures and business practices, and we can conduct business in nine different languages.


Agilis can get you up and running immediately -- for as little as a third of what it would cost to do it yourself.


Our international expansion services include:


Market readiness assessment – research to assess your product or service’s potential viability in the new targeted geographic market

Marketing, messaging and positioning for new target geographies

Outsource sales

Business development -- to establish and manage strategic alliances, value added resellers and distributors